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16.02.2010 NMS ProjectsProjects

E-panels Project: Fostering citizens’ participation and volunteering in a wider Europe

The E-panels project is designed to address the issue of bridging the gap between citizens and the European Union in an innovative way. As we know the citizens panels; which are the groups of ordinary citizens who are not spontaneously involved in EU affairs, is a frequently used solution to cooperate with citizens and to […]

24.12.2008 HP&M ProjectsProjects

Public-private partnerships (PPP): How creative can we go? (2006-2009)

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) are at the top of many agendas in international public health practice and research area these days. Recently, many public health organizations established partnerships with the private sector, for particular research activities; World Bank and WHO are greeting and encouraging these partnerships through their own funding schemes. Literature review shows that this […]

Other projectsProjects

Experimental biodiesel production in Eastern Macedonia on agricultural soil contaminated with heavy metals (2006-2008)

The objectives of this project are to contribute towards cleaner environment, better human health and local economic development, through experimental production of biodiesel on farmland contaminated with heavy metals. This Project is experimental production of biodiesel from crops grown on the agricultural land contaminated with heavy metals. This would achieve multiple effects: 1) soil decontamination […]

Health Policy and ManagementHP&M ProjectsProjects

Reports from the “Lifestyle Determinants of Obesity” Scientific Platform Project Published

The first report gives a general overview about Health Information Activities, which are typically related to physical activity and nutrition. The second report focuses on available health information on lifestyle determinants of obesity in children.

HP&M ProjectsProjects

Project: Development of Core Curriculum in Occupational Health (2005-2008)

The overall goal of the project is contribution towards harmonization of occupational medicine curriculum in Eastern European countries and improvement of the occupational health knowledge transfer to other stakeholders in work and health.

Health Policy and ManagementHP&M ProjectsProjects

Start of Project Implementation Patients’ Rights as a Policy Issue in Southeast Europe (2004-2006)

The project Patient Rights as a Policy Issue is aimed at analysis of the patients’ rights policies and the level and quality of their implementation in different national contexts, as well as in the light of different ethnical groups, especially focusing on the Roma population, as the most disadvantaged and socially excluded, and the ones that suffer most inequality and discrimination.

HP&M ProjectsProjects

Promotion of the “Dictionary of Public Health”

The Dictionary on Public Health was presented at the Regional Conference on Public Health Education which took place in Ohrid, May 18-21, 2006. It is one of the first books on public health in the country, aiming to assist the understanding of main public health concepts.

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