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CRPRC Studiorum
12.06.2013 Human Rights ProgramPublications

Series of Studiorum Case Comments and Human Rights Reviews

Studiorum starts the publication of a series of case comments and reviews on important Human Rights developments at the global level, as well as of important developments directly related to Macedonia.

21.03.2013 Human Rights ProgramPublications

Study: “National Human Rights Institutions in Macedonia: Normative Models and Challenges”

CRPRC Studiorum published the study “National Human Rights Institutions in Macedonia: Normative Models and Challenges”, which looks at the two national Human Rights institutions in the country – the Ombudsperson and the Commission for Protection against Discrimination.

22.12.2012 Evrodijalog

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02.12.2012 Publications

Book: Think Tanks in CEE and the Quality of Their Policy Research By Goran Buldioski

Studirum published the book “Think Tanks in Central and Eastern Europe and the Quality of Their Policy Research” by Goran Buldioski. The book is a product of the research conducted by Goran Buldioski during his postgraduate studies. Aside from analysing the think-tanks in this region from an academic aspect, in this book Buldioski reflects on his long work with think-tanks in CEE, as Director of the Think-tank Fund of the OSI.

11.06.2012 Evrodijalog

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17.01.2012 Human Rights ProgramNewsPublications

Study and Policy Report on Effective Political Participation in Local-Self Government

CRPRC Studiorum has published the Baseline Study and Policy Report on the Effective Political Participation of the Small(er) Ethnic Communication in Local-Self Government in Macedonia.

22.12.2011 Evrodijalog

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