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Series of Studiorum Case Comments and Human Rights Reviews

Part of the mission of CRPRC Studiorum’s Human Rights Program is to follow the developments and promote international Human Rights law, the practice of the Human Rights bodies and courts which conduct Human Rights monitoring and/or decide upon cases of Human Rights violations, as well as to advocate for the ratification and implementation of Human Rights instruments. As part of the steps towards fulfilling its mission, this Program stays current on the global debates and developments on Human Rights protection, promotion and advancement.

As of June 2013, CRPRC Studiorum starts the publication of a series of case comments and reviews on important Human Rights developments at the global level, as well as of important developments directly related to Macedonia (for example, recommendations of Human Rights monitoring bodies, or cases from bodies/courts where Macedonia is one of the parties). In today’s information overload, it is often difficult to regularly follow all developments at the global level, which might have importance for one’s work. Thus, the aim of this series is to facilitate the access to information and staying current on the important Human Rights developments for the (legal) practitioners, state institutions, civil society organisations and Human Rights activists, and to encourage them to use the rich practice and sources from international Human Rights law in their work.

This series consists of two clusters: (1) Case Comments and (2) Human Rights Reviews. Both will be made available to the professional community and general public in English and Macedonian language. The first issue of the series is the Case Comment on the ECtHR case Horvath and Kiss v Hungary, case of racial discrimination of Roma children in public schooling in Hungary. All editions of the series can be found on the following link [link to the right side submenu].

If you would like to receive notifications on newly published case comments or reviews, please send a registration e-mail to: series[at]