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YouhtLINC enters its second phase: I-Lab in Sarajevo

Following the In-Country Workshops in Macedonia and in the other partner countries, the YouthLINC Innovation Lab workshop took place at the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology (SSST) in the last week of June 2013. During this 4-day long event, nearly 110 young people coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo had the opportunity to learn how to use on-line technologies and social networks more efficiently through practical work and development of digital tools and web-applications so as to promote human rights and higher standards of education.

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The aim of the collaborative workshop was to facilitate experiential learning with young activists and IT experts joining forces to develop their ideas over a period of 48 hours, and working together on the construction of online platforms.

The participants were divided into ten geographically and gender-balanced groups of up to nine people each. The groups worked together for two days, turning their conceptions into reality. Supported by young IT professionals – current and former students of the Computer Science Department at SSST – the teams managed to build prototypes of their platforms.

The final project results were presented at the workshop closing ceremony. More precisely, the I-Lab gave life to ten project ideas: NGO Mapping, Yutopia,, Report Ethnic Discrimination, Involved not Invalid, MyInitiative, Facebook Newspaper, BouLeVard, Bre.Kaj.Ba, and Save the Words.
The thorough development of these project ideas planned for the upcoming months will put the communication and the regional cooperation among youth to the test, leading up to the next phase of the YouthLINC project.