CRPRC Studiorum
CRPRC Studiorum

Macedonia marked the European Antibiotic Awareness Day and the World Antibiotic Awareness Week

With series of events and activities, Macedonia this year also marked the European Antibiotic Awareness Day, 18th November and the World Antibiotic Awareness Week 14-20 November 2016.

Within the regular awareness raising activities for rational use of antibiotics, Studiorum in cooperation with the Institute of Public Health and the Ministry of Health, with technical and financial support of the World Health Organization, organized a series of lectures in 6 companies from diverse industrial branches in several cities across the country aimed at disseminating the message on the importance of proper and rational use of antibiotics to over 120 employees, who are also parents that need to take proper care of their children’s health. The lectures were held by experts in the field, who used the opportunity to also encourage best practices among the general public to avoid the further emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance.


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