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CRPRC Studiorum

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Centre for Regional Policy Research and Cooperation “Studiorum” (Studiorum) is a non-governmental think-tank working on economic and social aspects of EU integration and globalization processes that are of essential importance for Macedonia and the countries of Southeast Europe. This mission is accomplished through different policy-oriented programs and research projects, which contribute to and complement the attempts of policy-makers in policy design and implementation, and support central and local governments, business and non-governmental sectors in their communication and cooperation.

Studiorum was established in February 2002, as independent research NGO. It has since worked on a number of projects, including policy analyses and research oriented programs, in the fields relevant to the EU integration processes; one of the first project which still continues to date is the publication of the Journal for European Issues Evrodijalog, which deals with the theoretical and applied aspects of the EU integration of Macedonia and other SEE countries. To date, Evrodijalog has published over 90 articles and analyses from distinguished academic professors and experts and practitioners in the field, both from Macedonia and abroad. Abstracts and full texts can be found at: and

As an independent think-tank, Studiorum is providing funds through applying with competitive project proposals to funding programs of different donors.

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