CRPRC Studiorum
CRPRC Studiorum

Research Methods

The overall approach used to address the issues of interest, is through cooperation with the government, business and civil sector, direct communication with relevant national and local government institutions, organization of public debates and round tables, surveys and analyzes, and publication of policy papers and briefs.

The main research approaches taken by Studiorum core team and external experts are the widely known and used approaches of identifying policy needs and priority issues, doing research based on available literature and on-site surveys of key stakeholders, preparation of policy studies, papers and briefs and communication of findings among the policy making community and general public.

Depending on the characteristics of each policy issue that is researched/advocated for (political sensitivity, relevance to EU integration agenda, outreach population, etc.) different approaches are taken (such as direct communication with the political elite, mass media coverage for introduction of new concepts, etc.). Studiorum team is versed in using scientifically recognized methods from the quantitative and qualitative arsenal, as well as the mixed method approach.

With regard to advocacy, Studiorum team uses various approaches, from direct communication to policy and decision makers, access to the public through mass media, and multimedia campaigns through the social networks.