CRPRC Studiorum
CRPRC Studiorum

Program Areas


Health Policy and Management program area focuses on the analysis of the existing conditions in the health sector in the countries of SEE and the common health and social policies of EU, evaluation of the health care and health insurance mechanisms, proposing recommendations for improvement of the public health system and harmonization of the health legislation, as well as communication of the findings and advocacy for their successful implementation. Since 2005, Department of Public Health has extensive cooperation with the Ministry of Health, on projects as well as joint public events, for awareness raising and promoting policy solutions.

Strategically, this program also focuses on monitoring of the public spending on health, especially preventive care segment and earmarking for marginalized and vulnerable groups.



The Human Rights Program’s mission is to enable all people to equally enjoy their Human Rights, including the rights as defined with the International Human Rights Law. Our vision is to conduct high-quality legal and policy research and analysis, provide policy advice to policy makers, design tools and conduct other activities (including capacity building, promotion of and cooperation for Human Rights) stirred towards Human Rights protection, promotion and advancement. Our imperative is that these must be conducted by maintaining high methodological standards, accompanied by a proper reading of the international Human Rights standards and benefiting from the use of comparative practices (context permitting) not just Europe-wide but also worldwide.



This program has the goal to facilitate the process of development of civic skills through creative media and audiovisual materials. Through the promotion of non-formal education methods relevant to democratic citizenship and European values, Studiorum’s numerous actions strive for effective mechanisms of human rights protection, constantly encouraging the public to use its own willpower and information to build active European citizenry.