CRPRC Studiorum
CRPRC Studiorum
21.07.2015 Health Policy and ManagementNews

WHO EURO published the Report of the Multi-Country Antimicrobial Resistance Workshop

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has become one of the major health threats of our time, both in health care settings and in the community. Recognizing the need of inter-sectoral, interdisciplinary but also of international approach to address this complex public health challenge and further delivering on the objectives of the 2011 European strategic action plan on […]

27.11.2014 Health Policy and ManagementNews

Studiorum contributes to the WHO Draft Global action plan on antimicrobial resistance

Recognizing the importance of a global approach to combating antimicrobial resistance, Studiorum participated in the two-month long online consultation held by the World Health Organization.

25.09.2014 EventsHealth Policy and Management

“Antibiotics are not your food”: Seminars on rational use of antibiotics

Striving to contribute to the rational use of antibiotics and prevention of antimicrobial resistance and as part of the ongoing initiative celebrating the European Antibiotic Awareness Day, Studiorum, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Macedonia, the Health Insurance Fund of Macedonia and the Institute for Public Health of the Republic of Macedonia are […]

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