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21.07.2015 Health Policy and ManagementNews

WHO EURO published the Report of the Multi-Country Antimicrobial Resistance Workshop

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has become one of the major health threats of our time, both in health care settings and in the community. Recognizing the need of inter-sectoral, interdisciplinary but also of international approach to address this complex public health challenge and further delivering on the objectives of the 2011 European strategic action plan on […]

02.01.2015 Health Policy and ManagementNews

“E-Health policy implementation in Macedonia” presented at E-Health Law Conference in Rotterdam

The paper “E-Health policy implementation in Macedonia” was presented at E-Health Law Conference “E-Health: Grand Challenges and Legal Concerns”, which discussed the policy and management issues in health care, as well as the E-Health local and country experiences.

17.11.2013 Health Policy and ManagementNews

European Antibiotics Awareness Day Marked Sixth Year in a Row

This year, as in the past five years, the European Antibiotics Awareness Day will be celebrated. The main activities for this year are presentation of promotional materials for awareness raising and one day training session on microbiologists for compliance with EUCAST protocols and guidelinces.

14.11.2012 EventsHealth Policy and ManagementNews

We are Celebrating the European Antibiotic Awareness Day for the Fifth Time

Having in mind the meaning of the rational use of antibiotics and the scope of the problem caused by the growing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics, Macedonia has been taking part in this initiative since its beginning in 2008, thus being one of the 32 European countries that promoted the rational use of antibiotics amongst the population and the health workers. This year, the European day is focused on the promotion of rational use of antibiotics amongst veterinary doctors.

31.05.2010 Health Policy and ManagementNews

Participation at the Regional Research Promotion Programme Research’s Methods Colloquium: Analysis of Secondary Data

As part of the Regional Research Promotion Programme (RRPP) series of methodology colloquiums, a member of CRPRC Studiorum research team attended the second research methods colloquium on analysis of secondary data which took place in Prishtina Kosovo on the 27-28 May, 2010.

22.05.2010 Health Policy and ManagementNews

Participation at the 3rd Conference of Migrant and Ethnic Minority Health in Europe

Having health policies, health of minority communities and especially health of Roma as part of its main focus of work, CRPRC Studiorum strives to actively participate in events on global level organized on these topics in order to contribute to and share its research findings and experiences. As part of these efforts, two of CRPRC Studiorum’s researchers will take part in the 3rd Conference on Migrant and Ethnic Minority Health in Europe to be held in Pecs, Hungary 27-29 May 2010.

03.02.2010 Health Policy and ManagementNews

CRPRC Studiorum Received the Pearl of Wisdom Award for 2010

The Pearl of Wisdom Awards represents a recognition of the people and organizations that have made exceptional efforts to prevent cervical cancer in their communities. CRPRC Studiorum as part of the Macedonian team received this recognition for the Progressive Implementation of an Organized Cervical Cancer Screening Program.

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