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CRPRC Studiorum
23.12.2009 Health Policy and ManagementNews

ECCA Will Present Studiorum and Partner’s Program with a Pearl of Wisdom Award

The project, The Progressive Implementation of an Organized Cervical Cancer Prevention Programme in Macedonia, has been selected by the ECCA members to receive a Pearl of Wisdom of award at the upcoming Cervical Cancer Summit Meeting to be held in the European Parliament on 26-27 January 2010.

26.12.2008 Health Policy and ManagementPublications

The Handbook for Teachers, Researchers and Health Professionals Is Now Published

The book Management in Health Care Practice is collection of 45 teaching modules written by 49 authors from 8 countries. The teaching modules in this book covered areas of principles of public health, management cycle (planning, implementation and evaluation), technology and interventions, organization of health care and health services, change, leadership and some other fields of health care.

24.12.2008 HP&M ProjectsProjects

Promotion of the “Dictionary of Public Health”

The Dictionary on Public Health was presented at the Regional Conference on Public Health Education which took place in Ohrid, May 18-21, 2006. It is one of the first books on public health in the country, aiming to assist the understanding of main public health concepts.

Health Policy and ManagementHP&M ProjectsProjects

Macedonian Translation of “The New Public Health” Published

The translation of “The New Public Health” by Theodore Tulchinsky and Elena Varavikova (Academic Press, 2000) is the first official textbook of the Graduate Center-School of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Skopje.

18.11.2008 EventsHealth Policy and Management

Marking the European Antibiotic Awareness Day

The European Antibiotic Awareness Day is a European public health initiative to raise awareness about the problem of antibiotic resistance, and to provide information on how everyone can contribute to preserve the efficacy of antibiotics. In 2008, European Antibiotic Awareness Day is focusing specifically on the need for everybody to reduce any unnecessary use of antibiotics. 

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