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CRPRC Studiorum
02.09.2012 Human Rights ProgramNews

Call for Abstracts for International Conference on National Human Rights Institutions

Within the project “Solving an Institutional Puzzle: What National Human Rights Institution Model for Macedonia,” Studiorum invites abstract submissions, as well as panel proposals for the international conference under the working title “National Human Rights Institutions and the promotion and protection of Human Rights in Macedonia and the Western Balkans”.

18.01.2012 Human Rights Program

CRPRC Studiorum Contributes in the EC Consultations on Gender Balance on Corporate Boards in the EU

CRPRC Studiorum and a group of individuals took part in the European Commission’s consultation on gender imbalance in corporate boards in the EU.

17.01.2012 Human Rights ProgramNewsPublications

Study and Policy Report on Effective Political Participation in Local-Self Government

CRPRC Studiorum has published the Baseline Study and Policy Report on the Effective Political Participation of the Small(er) Ethnic Communication in Local-Self Government in Macedonia.

27.05.2011 Health Policy and ManagementNews

Legal Analysis on HIV/AIDS Legislation in Macedonia from Human Gights Perspective Presented

This legal analysis shows how the current national legislation addresses the concerns of people living or vulnerable to HIV from a human rights perspective, including access to health care, social and health services, education, employment, legal protection as well as respect and protection of their privacy and confidentiality. It provides comparative analysis of the national legislation with the international standards in this area and recommends legal amendments to overcome the existing gaps.

06.12.2010 Publications

Position paper: Targeted Resolving of Citizenship Status of Romani Habitual Residents

CRPRC Studiorum and the Organization for women and children rights protection “LIL” published a joint Position Paper “In the Limbo: Determining the Status and Citizenship of Roma in Macedonia – Targeted Resolving of Citizenship Status of Romani Habitual Residents in the Republic of Macedonia”. This paper considers possibilities for targeted resolving of citizenship status of Romani habitual residents in the Republic of Macedonia.

15.11.2010 News

Start of the Project “Passing the 20% barrier”

CRPRC Studiorum’s project team commenced the implementation of the planned project activities within the frame of the project “Effective Participation of the Small Ethnic Communities in theLocal Government in Macedonia: Passing the 20% barrier”. The project aims to provide a critical analysis of the impact the Ohrid Framework Agreement on the small ethnic communities in Macedonia in the eve of the tenth anniversary of its signature.

28.05.2010 Human Rights ProgramPublications

Policy Brief on the newly adopted Law on Prevention and Protection Against Discrimination

This policy brief looks into the Law on Prevention and Protection against Discrimination adopted by the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia on 8 April 2010, and promulgated in the Official Gazette No. 50 on 13 April 2010.

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