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29.04.2009 Health Policy and ManagementNews

Milestone Development on Patients’ Rights in the European Parliament

The European Parliament recently voted to adopt a report that will give patients the possibility to travel throughout Europe in order to receive healthcare. Building on over ten years of rulings from the European Court of Justice, the Directive is now closer to realization following adoption of the report by 297 votes for, 120 against and 152 abstention.

24.12.2008 Health Policy and ManagementHP&M ProjectsProjects

Start of Project Implementation Patients’ Rights as a Policy Issue in Southeast Europe (2004-2006)

The project Patient Rights as a Policy Issue is aimed at analysis of the patients’ rights policies and the level and quality of their implementation in different national contexts, as well as in the light of different ethnical groups, especially focusing on the Roma population, as the most disadvantaged and socially excluded, and the ones that suffer most inequality and discrimination.

30.07.2008 Health Policy and ManagementNews

Endorsement of the Law on Protection of Patients Rights – Macedonia

On July 2, 2008, the Parliament endorsed the new Law on Protection of Patients’ Rights. We are glad to inform you on this milestone development, and at the same time we await the many challenges that will arise on the course to its proper implementation.

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