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21.07.2015 Health Policy and ManagementNews

WHO EURO published the Report of the Multi-Country Antimicrobial Resistance Workshop

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has become one of the major health threats of our time, both in health care settings and in the community. Recognizing the need of inter-sectoral, interdisciplinary but also of international approach to address this complex public health challenge and further delivering on the objectives of the 2011 European strategic action plan on […]

10.10.2013 EventsHuman Rights Program

Report: 16th Edition of the CSO Sustainability Index Released

The 16th edition of its Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index (CSOSI), covering events from 2012 in CEE and Euroasia, was released. The Index has tracked the progress of the CSO sector in twenty-nine countries over the past sixteen years. It examines the overall enabling environment for civil society, focusing on the legal environment, organizational capacity, financial viability, advocacy, service provision, infrastructure, and public image.

02.12.2012 Human Rights ProgramNews

Report of the World Justice Project – Rule of Law for 2012 has been published

On November 28, 2012, The World Justice Project (WJP) released the WJP Rule of Law Index 2012 report. This year’s report includes, for the first time, a total of 97 countries and jurisdictions. Through its Human Rights Program, Studiorum has also contributed in the preparation of this Index.

29.04.2009 Health Policy and ManagementNews

The Report “HPV Vaccination Across Europe” is Published

A summary of HPV vaccination policies and practices across Europe is set-out in this report. As can be seen from the information presented, HPV vaccination practices constitute a spectrum of activities from free, nationally organized, school-based vaccination programs to the provision of HPV vaccination by the private sector on a patient-pay basis.

Health Policy and ManagementNews

Milestone Development on Patients’ Rights in the European Parliament

The European Parliament recently voted to adopt a report that will give patients the possibility to travel throughout Europe in order to receive healthcare. Building on over ten years of rulings from the European Court of Justice, the Directive is now closer to realization following adoption of the report by 297 votes for, 120 against and 152 abstention.

20.10.2007 Health Policy and ManagementNews

Springer’s Journal of Public Health Published a Studiorum Report

Studiorum’s report “Physical Activity and Nutrition – Health Information Activities of the EU, WHO, European Networks and National Examples” was published in the Journal of Public Health.

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