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21.07.2015 Health Policy and ManagementNews

WHO EURO published the Report of the Multi-Country Antimicrobial Resistance Workshop

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has become one of the major health threats of our time, both in health care settings and in the community. Recognizing the need of inter-sectoral, interdisciplinary but also of international approach to address this complex public health challenge and further delivering on the objectives of the 2011 European strategic action plan on […]

15.09.2014 Health Policy and Management

The self-assessment process of the Essential Public Health Operations kicks off in Macedonia

The self-assessment process of the Essential Public Health Operations in Macedonia commenced with а three-day workshop in Ohrid. In the presence of WHO experts and governmental representatives, nearly thirty stakeholders from the health and other sectors in Macedonia assessed the essential public health operations using the WHO self-assessment tool.

20.10.2013 The New Media & The Society

We are Visual! International Conference in Amsterdam

After months of work, coordination and negotiations, e-mails and translations, enriched with the wonderfully organized visual workshops, the trainings in Amsterdam and Nuremberg as well as lots of visual identity proposals and even more wonderful documentary films, the time has come for the We are Visual final conference! Visualized as a two-day event in the […]

28.06.2013 The New Media & The Society

YouhtLINC enters its second phase: I-Lab in Sarajevo

The Sarajevo-based, four-day long YouthLINC Innovation Lab gathered nearly 110 young people from six Balkan countries. Divided into ten smaller geographically and gender-balanced groups and supported by IT experts, the participants worked together and developed their project ideas for two days. The closing ceremony showed that in the end, they managed to turn their conceptions into reality!

28.03.2013 The New Media & The Society

YoutnLINC begins: In-Country Workshop in Skopje

Envisioned as a four-year project that addresses some of the major challenges to stability and peace in the Balkans, YouthLINC: Linking Innovators who Network for Change supports a core group of young people dedicated to building trust and positive social change across regional borders. In order to achieve the project’s main objectives, Internews and the project partners conducted one-day workshops in each of the six partner countries.

27.02.2013 NewsThe New Media & The Society

YouthLINC: Application for In-Country Workshops

Internews BiH and its partners in regional countries are jointly implementing the YouthLINC project which stands for Linking Innovators who Network for Change. The project aims to address widespread intolerance and discrimination as two of the major challenges in achieving stability and peace throughout the Balkans. It connects young people from six Balkan countries and provides them with the opportunity to create innovative online social platforms and develop offline community connections.

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