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Call to Sign the STOP Cervical Cancer Petition

More than 80% of cervical cancers could be prevented by organised screening programmes and yet the majority of women in Europe do not have free access to these programmes. The STOP Cervical Cancer Petition – organized by European Cervical Cancer Association (ECCA) – calls on the European Parliament, European Commission and national governments to support the establishment of these programmes across Europe so that all women can be protected against this disease.

We encourage you to register your name at now and send this email to all of your friends and contacts. Together, we can make sure that these essential programmes are available to all the women of Europe. Official webpage

The ECCA initiated STOP Cervical Cancer Petition receives support from the Macedonian Health Protection Institute

Response from Republic Institute of Health Protection (RIHP) of Macedonia regarding the STOP Cervical Cancer Petition:

Dear Sirs,
With regards to the STOP Cervical Cancer Petition in Europe, it is a pleasure to announce that Republic of Macedonia has put the cervical cancer prevention in its agenda of the priority public-health problems, measures and activities the letter