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28.03.2013 The New Media & The Society

YoutnLINC begins: In-Country Workshop in Skopje

Envisioned as a four-year project that addresses some of the major challenges to stability and peace in the Balkans, YouthLINC: Linking Innovators who Network for Change supports a core group of young people dedicated to building trust and positive social change across regional borders. In order to achieve the project’s main objectives, Internews and the project partners conducted one-day workshops in each of the six partner countries.

18.01.2012 Human Rights Program

CRPRC Studiorum Contributes in the EC Consultations on Gender Balance on Corporate Boards in the EU

CRPRC Studiorum and a group of individuals took part in the European Commission’s consultation on gender imbalance in corporate boards in the EU.

27.05.2011 Health Policy and ManagementNews

Legal Analysis on HIV/AIDS Legislation in Macedonia from Human Gights Perspective Presented

This legal analysis shows how the current national legislation addresses the concerns of people living or vulnerable to HIV from a human rights perspective, including access to health care, social and health services, education, employment, legal protection as well as respect and protection of their privacy and confidentiality. It provides comparative analysis of the national legislation with the international standards in this area and recommends legal amendments to overcome the existing gaps.

13.02.2009 Health Policy and ManagementHuman Rights ProgramNews

Round Table Held on HIV National Legislation From a Human Rights and Gender Based Perspectives

CRPRC Studiorum and the Joined United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS UNAIDS on January 27, 2009 organized a round table discussion. The purpose of the discussion was to review the draft-version of the in-depth analysis of the national legislation regarding HIV from a human rights and gender based perspective, which was conducted by Studiorum’s research team. 

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