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Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights: Implementing the United Nations “Protect, Respect and Remedy” Framework (2011)


Academic Papers and Policy Documents

Implementation of patients’ rights legislation in the Republic of Macedonia: Gaps and disparities

Overview of Higher Education and Research Systems in the Western Balkans

Case Comment No.2/2013: X and Others v Austria (ECtHR)

Human Rights Review No. 2/2013: Protocols 15 and 16 to the European Convention on Human Rights

Case Comment No.1/2013: Horvath and Kiss v Hungary (ECtHR)

Human Rights Review No.1/2013: Optional Protocol of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights


Academic Papers and Policy Documents

Solving an Institutional Puzzle: What National Human Rights Institution Model for Macedonia?

Strenghtening Democratic Institutions for Human Rights in Macedonia – Focus on National Human Rights Institutions -Policy Paper

Contribution to the European Commission’s Public Consultation on ‘Gender Imbalance in Corporate Boards in the EU’


Think Tanks in Central and Eastern Europe and the Quality of Their Policy Research

National Human Rights Institutions in Macedonia: Normative Models and Challenges



Effective Political Participation of the Small(er) Ethnic Communication in Local-Self Government in Macedonia: Impact of the Ohrid Framework Agreement

Effective Political Participation of the Small(er) Ethnic Communities in Local Self-Government in Macedonia after the Ohrid Framework Agreement: Policy Implications and Policy Recommendations


Academic Papers and Policy Documents

Socio-medical and Ethical Dimensions of the Health Practice (Milevska-Kostova N., Donev D.)

Health Policy Analysis and Development (Milevska-Kostova N., Stikova E.)


In the Limbo: Determining the Status and Citizenship of Roma in Macedonia – Targeted Resolving of Citizenship Status of Romani Habitual Residents in the Republic of Macedonia

Policy Brief: How Macedonia Can Keep Pace with European Standards for Prevention and Protection Against Discrimination



Fighting Corruption to Improve Governance


Academic Papers and Policy Documents

Patient Safety – Concept and initiatives


Patient Safety in Eastern Europe and Asia: Baselines and Advances

A Handbook for Teachers, Researchers and Health Professionals


Academic Papers and Policy Documents

Biofuels in Macedonia – Policy and Practices

Extending the public sphere vs. colonization of the cyberspace


Academic Papers and Policy Documents

Global tendencies and local implications: Cyber exclusion of and within Western Balkan countries


Academic Papers and Policy Documents

From NGOs to FFIs in microfinance services: conversion road map and its challenges: Comparative study of nine Eastern European MFIs


Academic Papers and Policy Documents

Report on poverty housing situation in Macedonia

Report on poverty housing in Europe and Central Asia