CRPRC Studiorum
CRPRC Studiorum
12.06.2013 Human Rights ProgramPublications

Series of Studiorum Case Comments and Human Rights Reviews

Studiorum starts the publication of a series of case comments and reviews on important Human Rights developments at the global level, as well as of important developments directly related to Macedonia.

28.03.2013 The New Media & The Society

YoutnLINC begins: In-Country Workshop in Skopje

Envisioned as a four-year project that addresses some of the major challenges to stability and peace in the Balkans, YouthLINC: Linking Innovators who Network for Change supports a core group of young people dedicated to building trust and positive social change across regional borders. In order to achieve the project’s main objectives, Internews and the project partners conducted one-day workshops in each of the six partner countries.

27.02.2013 NewsThe New Media & The Society

YouthLINC: Application for In-Country Workshops

Internews BiH and its partners in regional countries are jointly implementing the YouthLINC project which stands for Linking Innovators who Network for Change. The project aims to address widespread intolerance and discrimination as two of the major challenges in achieving stability and peace throughout the Balkans. It connects young people from six Balkan countries and provides them with the opportunity to create innovative online social platforms and develop offline community connections.

18.01.2012 Human Rights Program

CRPRC Studiorum Contributes in the EC Consultations on Gender Balance on Corporate Boards in the EU

CRPRC Studiorum and a group of individuals took part in the European Commission’s consultation on gender imbalance in corporate boards in the EU.

17.01.2012 Human Rights ProgramNewsPublications

Study and Policy Report on Effective Political Participation in Local-Self Government

CRPRC Studiorum has published the Baseline Study and Policy Report on the Effective Political Participation of the Small(er) Ethnic Communication in Local-Self Government in Macedonia.

15.11.2010 News

Start of the Project “Passing the 20% barrier”

CRPRC Studiorum’s project team commenced the implementation of the planned project activities within the frame of the project “Effective Participation of the Small Ethnic Communities in theLocal Government in Macedonia: Passing the 20% barrier”. The project aims to provide a critical analysis of the impact the Ohrid Framework Agreement on the small ethnic communities in Macedonia in the eve of the tenth anniversary of its signature.

28.05.2010 Human Rights ProgramPublications

Policy Brief on the newly adopted Law on Prevention and Protection Against Discrimination

This policy brief looks into the Law on Prevention and Protection against Discrimination adopted by the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia on 8 April 2010, and promulgated in the Official Gazette No. 50 on 13 April 2010.

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