CRPRC Studiorum
CRPRC Studiorum

Celebration of the Second European Patients’ Rights Day

The second European Patients’ Rights Day took place on 18 April 2008. The celebration in Republic of Macedonia took place on an event organised by CRPRC Studiorum, supported by EC and Active Citizenship Network (ACN) from Italy. CRPRC Studiorum is member of Active Citizenship Network.

Journal Pharmacist Periodical – Link to the full story (page 26-27 Only in macedonian language).

Agenda of the event:

09,00 – 09,30 Arrival of guests and lecturers
09,30 – 13,00 Welcome speech by Dr. Imer Selmani, Minister of Health of the Republic of Macedonia
Nongovernmental sector in the protection of the patients rights, Neda Milevska-Kostova, MSc, Program Director, CRPRC Studiorum
Code of Ethics of the Medical Chamber of Macedonia, prof. Dr. Zdravko Cakar, President of the Committee of Ethics and Legal Issues, MCM
WHO Initiatives in patients rights: patient safety, Dr. Marija Kisman-Hristova
10,30 – 11,00 Initiative to learn from: Launch of
Practitioners Guide for Mental Health by Snezana Cicevalieva
promoter: Dr. Vladimir Ortakov, psychiatrist, Member of CoE Committee for prevention
of Torture – CPT
11,00 – 12,30 Roundtable: Prospects and Challenges of the newly adopted Law for Protection of Patients Rights of Macedonia
Dr. Vladimir Lazarevik, Deputy Minister,
Ministry of Health of Macedonia
Mrs. Snezana Cicevalieva, Head of Department for EU integration and international cooperation, Ministry of Health of Macedonia
Prof. Dr. Zdravko Cakar, President, Committee of Ethics and
Legal Issues, MCM
Mrs. Nevenka Krusarovska, Deputy Ombudsman of the
Republic of Macedonia
Prof. Dr. Jovanka Bislimovska-Karadzinska,
Coordinator of School of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, Skopje
Mr. Zvonko Savreski, President Polio Plus,
Movement Against Disability
Mr. Hristijan Jankulovski, HOPS
Mr. Drasko Kostovski, H.E.R.A.
12,30 – 13,00
Promotion of the book Mental Health in the Community
by Dr. Kneginja Richter-Sokolovska et al
Dr. Antoni Novotni, President of the Association
of Psychiatrists of Macedonia
Dr. Flora Sela-Kastrati, MP, Parliament of Republic of Macedonia
13,00 – 14,00 Parralel sessions [1-2]:
[Session 1]: Employees as patients – protection of personal and medical data in working relations

Prof.Dr. Elisaveta Stikova, Medical Faculty, Skopje
Mr. Zoran Pandev, Deputy director, Directorate for Protection of personal data
Natasa Teovska, MD general hospital “Remedika”

[Session 2]: Patient safety (medical and pharamceutical care)

Prof. Lidija Petrusevska-Tozi, PhD, President of Pharmaceutical Chamber of Macedonia
Mrs. Biljana Celeska, Assistant Head Department for EU integration and international cooperation, Ministry of Health of Macedonia