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CRPRC Studiorum
17.04.2018 Health Policy and ManagementHPMNews

“Studiorum” signed the Krakow Declaration on Iodine

Tasks and responsibilities for prevention programs targeting Iodine deficiency disorders On 17 April, 2018 European researchers from 27 countries including Macedonia, represented through its EUthyroid Consortium member “Studiorum” presented their research on iodine deficiency disorders researched under the umbrella of the Horizon2020 research and innovation action EUthyroid (Project ID: 634453) at a meeting at the […]

21.08.2014 HPM

Health Policy Dialogues (HPD)

Public Health (PH) Noncommunicable Diseases (NCD) Healthy Aging (HA) Workshop on developing a program for a two-day training on the use of EPHO online interactive tool for self-assessment — Workshop on finalization of the Draft-Action Plan for Public Health 2020 — Workshop on validation of the tool for self-assessment of public health operations and preparation […]

23.02.2013 HPM

Evidence-informed policy (EVIP)

EVIPNet Iodine Defficiency Prevention (IDP) Initiation of the Evidence-Informed Policy Process on national level


International Cooperation in Health (ICH)

South East Europe Health Network (SEEHN) MоUs Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research INAUGURATION of the Seat of the Secretariat of the South-Eastern Europe Health Network (SEEHN) Memorandum of Understanding for collaboration between South-Eastern Europe Health Network and Centre for Regional Policy Research and Cooperation “Studiorum” — Меморандум за соработка за поддршка на здравото […]



Marking of World Antibiotic Awareness Week in Macedonia: Lectures to general public [2016] World Antibiotic Awareness Week: “Antibiotics: Handle with Care” [2015] Antibiotic awareness raising in Macedonia: Rational use is a lot about communication! [2014] SEEHN Secretariat Seat Inauguration [2013] European Antibiotic Awareness Day – 5 Years [2012] Clinical Guidelines in Gynaecology and Neonatology [2010] […]

13.01.2013 HPM


International Cooperation in Health (ICH) Health Policy Dialogues (HPD) Evidence-informed policy (EVIP)

22.06.2012 HPM

About the program

Health Policy and Management program area focuses on the analysis of the existing conditions in the health sector in the countries of SEE and the common health and social policies of EU, evaluation of the health care and health insurance mechanisms, proposing recommendations for improvement of the public health system and harmonization of the health […]

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