CRPRC Studiorum
CRPRC Studiorum

Studiorum Takes Part in the Global “Right to Health Litigation Project”

CRPRC Studiorum’s team started the activities in the global “Right to Health Litigation Project”. The project was initiated by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health, Mr. Anand Grover, and is coordinated by the Lawyers Collective, India.
The project was developed with the idea to elaborate the development of the right to health under law across the globe under international, regional mechanisms and domestic legal systems.Its primary aim is to make health rights litigation from around the world universally accessible for civil society, NGOs, lawyers and governments seeking to promote legal accountability for the right to health.The secondary aim of this project is to analyze the justiciability of health rights, including vis-à-vis other rights, with the purpose of understanding the various approaches, trends, best practices, and strategies in litigating health rights around the world. This can be later used to popularize the right to health across various regions.
Over fifty partners from all over the world joined their knowledge and expertise for this project.The project will be implemented in the course of 2011.

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