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WHO EURO published the Report of the Multi-Country Antimicrobial Resistance Workshop

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has become one of the major health threats of our time, both in health care settings and in the community. Recognizing the need of inter-sectoral, interdisciplinary but also of international approach to address this complex public health challenge and further delivering on the objectives of the 2011 European strategic action plan on antibiotic resistance, the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe recently published the Report of the Multi-Country Antimicrobial Resistance Workshop that was held on 24–27 February 2015 at the UN City in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Bringing together colleagues from 17 countries and members of WHO collaborating centers, various technical programs and other partner institutions, the workshop provided a unique opportunity for interaction and sharing experiences in eight programs aimed at providing targeted input and coordinating activities for AMR control in a more comprehensive manner. The Republic of Macedonia also took part in the workshop, represented by Aspazija Sofijanova (University clinic for children diseases), Biljana Kakaraskoska Boceska (Institute of Public Health), Golubinka Boshevska (Institute of Public Health), Kristina Hristova (Health Insurance Fund of Macedonia), Neda Milevska Kostova (CRPRC Studiorum), Nikola Panovski (Medical Faculty Skopje) and Verica Ivanovska (Goce Delcev University, Shtip).

The meeting was co-hosted by the Control of Antimicrobial Resistance and Health Technologies and Pharmaceuticals (HTP) programs of the WHO Regional Office for Europe. Financial support was provided by the Ministry of Health Welfare and Sport of the Netherlands, the Federal Public Service on Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment of Belgium, and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency of the United States of America.

The newly published Report of the Multi-Country Antimicrobial Resistance Workshop can be downloaded here while the videos from the plenary session of the workshop, including all keynotes are available at the following link.