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The Handbook for Teachers, Researchers and Health Professionals Is Now Published

This is the fifth book planed to be published in a series as a support to teachers and trainers in teaching public health in South Eastern Europe. Originally, planned to be on the internet platform only, the Public Health in South Eastern Europe (PH-SEE), Forum for Public Health in the Eastern Europe (FPH-SEE) and the MetaNET projects decided later to publish this training material also in hard copy form. The first four books were published with the support of the PH-SEE, and the last two with MetaNET project. Both projects are fund by the German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD) with funds from the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe.

The book Management in Health Care Practice is collection of 45 teaching modules written by 49 authors from 8 countries. The teaching modules in this book covered areas of principles of public health, management cycle (planning, implementation and evaluation), technology and interventions, organization of health care and health services, change, leadership and some other fields of health care.

Authors had full autonomy in preparation the teaching modules, they were asked to present their own teaching/training materials with the idea to be as practical and lively as possible. Having that in mind the reader and the user of the modules of this book can sometimes find that some areas of management and organization of health services are not covered, some arc just tackled and some arc more deeply elaborated. The role of editors was more to stimulate the authors to write modules, than to conduct or edit the content. Preparing and publishing this teaching/training modules authors and editors expect and wish to support and improve public health education and training of public health professionals.

The editors asked and stimulate authors to incorporate in their teaching modules exercises, tests, questionnaires and other practical form s of training. We will be thankful for any comments on use of them in every day practice.

We are proud to announce that the representatives from Republic of Macedonia, Mrs. Milevska-Kostova, Mrs. Stikova and Mr. Donev, are members of CRPRC Studiorum’s expert list. They were presented with the following titles:

  • Socio-medical and Ethical Dimensions of the Health Practise (Mrs. Milevska-Kostova and Mr. Donev – Chapter 1, page 43);
  • Health Policy Analysis and Development (Mrs. Milevska-Kostova and Mrs. Stikova – Chapter 2, page 147).

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