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Second Fellowship Orientation Meeting was held in Istanbul

fellowsip-orientation-meeting-istanbul-2011-thumbnailThe second Fellowship Orientation Meeting was held in Istanbul, Turkey from 15-19 February, 2011. This meeting was part of the project for “Monitoring and improvement of the implementation of the legislation regarding human rights in health care”.

The purpose of the meeting was to define and coordinate the activities that are going to follow regarding this project and the means of their implementation, as well as to engage the new partners and share the experience that some of the countries have in this project.

The overall goal of this project is monitoring the implementation of the legislation concerning the human rights in health care, as well as education and on-the-job training of one person (legal fellow) in the field of human rights in health care. Specific objectives are education and training of lawyers, health professionals, representatives from the NGO sector and the patients regarding the legal framework in this field.
As part of the activities, in May 2010in Skopje, “Human Rights in Health Care – Practitioners’ Guide” was published and two training sessions were held. Preparation of Patient-Friendly Versions of this Guide is underway. In the following period they are going to be printed and published on the website, along with the electronic version of the Practitioners’ Guide.
Such Guide is published in Armenia, and soon Practitioners Guides are going to be released in other countries where this project is being implemented.

Implementation of this project is underway in Macedonia, Armenia, Ukraine and Georgia, while its implementation in Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan has just started.

In Macedonia, this project is implemented by the CRPRC Studiorum and ESE Macedonia, with financial support from the Foundation Open Society Institute Macedonia.

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