CRPRC Studiorum
CRPRC Studiorum

Studiorum Takes Part at the RRPP Second Annual Scientific Conference

The Second RRPP Annual Scientific Conference this year will take place in June in the city of Durres, Albania. The conference will bring together over 90 participants from 16 countries from the region, Europe and overseas countries. Researchers, including researchers working on RRPP-supported research projects will present their work in five parallel workshops.

RRPP Annual Conference featuring the umbrella topic “Social, Political and Economic Change in the Western Balkans” will take place in Durres, Albania from 25 to 27 June, 2010. The main objectives of the conference are to:

  • Discuss the transformation in Albania;
  • Present and discuss RRPP and external research projects and results (including methods-related issues);
  • Discuss the challenges, contradictions and ambivalences resulting from the transformation process with which the researchers in the field of social sciences are confronted in the Balkans;
  • Enable regional and international networking and establish communication and opportunities for new regional research partnerships.

H.E. Mrs. Yvana Enzler, Swiss Ambassador to Albania and Mr. Nicolas Hayoz the Programme Director of RRPP will open the conference. The participants will be able to present and discuss their work in one of the methodological or thematic workshops, where researchers involved in RRPP research projects will also present their studies, methodology-related issues and results. There will be five parallel workshops:

  • EU, conflict management and democracy;
  • Development, migration and inclusion;
  • Identities, ethnicity and conflicts;
  • Gender and knowledge production;
  • State structures, elites and civil society.

CRPRC Studiorum research team leader shall present up to date research on the topic “Equity in health in Macedonia: socio-economic, financial and human security aspects” at the workshop “Development, migration and inclusion”.

Agenda of the conference [PDF]

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